Workshop Submission

The workshop proposal, in plain text or PDF, should provide the following information:

  • 1. Title, scope and topics of the workshop
  • 2. The specifics of the workshop organization team
  • 3. Rationale
    • a. Why the workshop is related to INFOCOM;
    • b. Why the topic is current and important;
    • c. Why the workshop may attract a significant number of submissions of good quality;
    • d. Why the workshop differs from others; i.e., related workshops and conferences of similar topic;
  • 4. Tentative committee lists (organizers, steering committee if any, etc.)
  • 5. Workshop tentative internal and external schedule
    • a. Submission deadline;
    • b. Review deadline;
    • c. Acceptance deadline;
    • d. Camera ready;
    • e. Program ready;
  • 6. Workshop format planned (papers, demos, panels, etc.)
  • 7. If the workshop has past workshops, the history of the workshop (where held, number of papers submitted and accepted, number of participants)

Please include a draft call for papers, if available.

Submission: Please send a whole copy of your proposal in PDF format to

Deadline: August 31, 2014